KANDA - Goodies for Two Euphoniums Volume 1
  • KANDA - Goodies for Two Euphoniums Volume 1
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Fun, creative and educational! These duets were written to fill a need for duets that could be used on recitals, used in lessons, and were overall just a lot of fun to play. The sound clips below will give you a better idea of what this book offers.

All of the duets in the tuba and euphonium books are in the same keys and therefore can be played with a euphonium player and a tuba player, as well as like instruments.

1 To The Next 2 Quasi Tango 3 Quasi Blues 4 In C 5 Tune It! 6 Quasi Jazz 7 Simple Waltz 8 Single Line 9 Ancient Dance 10 Mysterioso

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